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List of players to avoid...

Team killing
Appeared to be aimbotting and/or chamming - is CBL dirty
Whiner, constant complaining after warnings
Noob Tuber
Continued dropping fire after several warnings
flying and opk on cabin.
Video evidence shows this retarded kid hacking.
We did attempt to give him a chance in ODR, but he isn't worth the time of day for his actions and disrespect to the game and what we stand for.
WAY to accurate on where you are. Two of us played with him for 20 minutes wondering about it... he's smart though, careful to not make it too obvious too many times. He definitely knows where you are though, no matter how well you hide. His nade attacks are just too perfectly thrown...
Accused ODR of being a hacking clan 1/30/2011
CBL says she is LGC, but was very questionable in game
Said in game she was LGC verified, but it's not listed on CBL, and her clan is CBL dirty
Played in clan wars, was just so-so the first time we played them, and then all of a sudden got REALLY good. At one point was 19-1. Claimed in-game that it was because he "got a good gun" now
Seemed to be shooting through walls
Came into game and just started committing suicide over and over, presumably to lower kdr.
Already CBL dirty 4 times
Listed earlier, but spelled name wrong
Appeared to have no recoil - has 29% h/s
Complained when someone picked up his gun, then called people names and whined as well as trying to kick players with MidgetMan202
Tried to kick me from the game I was master in cause he got stuck out a door and blamed me. Then he tried again to kick with his buddy Amazod and called people names.
When told to stop using spec weapons, replied with "Nahhh" and continued to use them...until I kicked her
Appeared to have no recoil and tanked shots from me 3 times
Appeared to have no recoil
Shooting through walls, probable chammer as well. On top of it all was spec noob.
OPK'er and Hack Website Ad Spammer
OPK, no recoil, possibly chams
Appeared to be using chams and no recoil.
Pre-fired like crazy in clan war
OPK, other clan member was OPKing too, and was a jerk to everyone about it
OPK and was a jerk to everyone about it, other clan member was OPKing too
Speed hack & possible aimbot. When the other team started hacking and bragging about it, she started running up to people and speed knifing them. Also seemed a little too proficient with her sniper, but not sure if it was a hack or not.
Chams. Redpants suspected him when he played with him before. I confirmed the suspicion. Didn't get enough video footage to convict him, however. I just asked Red to give him the boot when he came at me in for the last time.
OPK and Server Crash on Kick
Chams. Shot me in the back THRU a wall. Kept popping around walls aiming right at me. Was doing the same to Blue. At the end of my video, he shoots at the metal plate separating us because he can see me behind it and then comes around the plate right at me.
3.08 kdr, 39 kill streak. Played with her/him before and he/she was always unusually good, and made it a point to always be on my team when I had super elite - would switch mid-game if she realized otherwise. Got 3 headshots once in game almost instantly and the other team complained they weren't were she should have been able to headshot all three of them that quick.
Habitual OPKer
Speed Hack
Chams and OPK
Telekill with mines, speed, chams, etc.
G36E Telekill. Was able to find my UNLISTED video that I submitted to Nexon and CBL and comment on it.
Fly Hack
Fly Hack
Fly Hack
OPK, Chams, Aimbot/Hit Box
Can go anywhere on the map like through walls, under the ground, etc. Shot me from bizarre angles, that's how I know what he was doing. Couldn't get it on film...he stopped after I started videoing and his buddy started OPKing us all.
Fly Hack
OPK. Also same person as Dangerous21.
OPK, Chams, Aimbot, Fly Hack
Have screenshot
Player and clanmate (Jonhrambo69) seemed suspicious entire match - right near end of match made obvious Cham attack on I_Died
Player and clanmate (Ch0ckN0rris) seemed suspicious entire match - right near end of match clanmate made obvious Cham attack on I_Died
OPK'er - have screenshot
RPG noob
Kept appearing out of nowhere. Okay, honestly, he just annoyed the mess out of me and probably wasn't hacking. But there wasn't a, "hey, I don't like this guy" category.
Unusually good in game, has 54 kill streak
Popping out and sniping from many angles
I_Died also wanted me to point out that he was a "whiney sounding whiner" on the in-game speech
Repeatedly team killed certain members he thought were getting in his way. Went out of his way to kill them even when they weren't in his way.
Played in clan wars - we were whipping their clan so 3 of 4 left and CoCoyMS stayed in spawn and did everything from cham to no recoil to finally OPK at the end when it was close to ending.
Uses all the cheap weapons
Have screenshot - will post later to photo gallery
Have screenshot - will post later to photo gallery
Have screenshot - will post later to photo gallery
Have screenshot - will post later to photo gallery
Repeatedly used turrets even though he was warned not to. When he was given final warning, he stopped, but resumed again as soon as the kill count was too high to kick him.
Could also post him under whiner
82% headshot ratio. Even though kdr in the games I saw him play was not very good, he still got almost exclusively headshots.
Had a kill streak of 50
and a kdr of 2.96
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