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Below we have listed clans that were good, bad, and or ugly...

_stopNplay- (Ignorant)

We lost due to complete ignorance and disrespect of rules



Mercenaries GT (Ignorant)

We lost due to complete ignorance and disrespect of rules


Had 7 guys one with mod control. said no RPG, LAW, or such but atleast 3 were carrying and USING such wepons while kicking those outside the clan who tried.

BL4CK-DiAM0ND (Ignorant)

We lost due to complete ignorance and disrespect of rules


This clan completely disobeyed our requests of no spec weapons, rpg's, and law's, then continued to use them stating that we didn't have elite so no one could enforce the rules.
This clan has no respect for decent gaming and continued to be jackasses about it too.

After the game was over I had the clan pass master to me so I could kick these retarded nooblets from our gameroom and they decided to go pro and use a Megaphone to state their "pwnage" against us.

PowerTrip (Well balanced)

We won a few and lost a few


We encountered this clan after playing the retards in BL4CK-DiAM0ND.

This clan was fun, fair, well balanced, we won some and we lost some. It was a great all around clean game.

FurryTailz (Questionable)

We won by a hard fight to the finish


Most of the clan seemed legit, and we beat them 2 out of 3 times, but 1 player was highly questionable: spookyfox. He had a so-so first game and then went nuts the second match - at one point he had a score of 19-1

TheCrTeam (Hackers)

We lost cause of hackers


Yet another name change for TheCrSpy

~13 GRENADES~ (Questionable)

We won by a hard fight to the finish


Most of them seemed clean, except katey2165 who pre-fired constantly. killer1375 was slightly questionable, and shot his rpg several times even though we said no rpgs.

InsaneLogic (Hackers)

We lost cause of hackers


Haven't played them in clan wars, but they had at least two confirmed hackers hacking in a room with me, so I would say labeling them a dirty clan would be on target.

ArTiFiciaL- (Questionable)

We lost cause of hackers


HIGHLY questionable, but no real proof. All 4 of us agreed that they seemed to know exactly where we were and prefired alot - especially the player named Myae.

TheCrSpy (Hackers)

We lost cause of hackers


4 of us were handily beating them, and then their clan members started leaving. Only the clan leader stayed and he holed up in his spawn. He had an uncanny knack for knowing exactly where we were coming in and could kill us with 1-3 bullets it seemed, indicating no recoil. Finally, at the end when we were within a few kills of winning, he started to OPK. On top of all that he kept speaking to us in Half-Spanish, which, was, well kinda annoying. For some odd reason, if you search for this clan on Nexon or CBL it won't show up, but the leader, CoCoyMS, still shows it as being the clan he's a member of.

TheCrfire (Hackers)

We lost cause of hackers


Apparently the new clan consisting of the former members of TheCrSpy