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Updated May 10th 2011

First and foremost we play to have fun.

Our clan is very respectful of the gaming community and take pride in where we have made it today and the code of ethics that we adhere to. Any member that is caught hurtfully disrespecting the community, our clan mates, or anyone for that matter will be ejected from the clan immediately.

Fun is not pushing a single button and killing an entire team while standing in one position where no one can attack you. (OPK)

Fun is not flying around above a level and firing off rockets from our knives.

We pride ourselves on playing fair, (camping is a tactic lol) clean, and legit.

We may not win every clan match or game, but we like to have fun and enjoy the challenges.

We will report hackers with proof.

We will take note of questionable players.

We help our clan mates to the best of our abilities, whether that be taking control of their computers and setting up software to fully enjoy being part of the Old Dudes Rule clan or to assisting with whatever they may need assistance with.

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