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Since April 26, 2010

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Welcome to the Old Dudes Rule
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Old Dudes Rule

We welcome everyone who comes to check out our clan.

We are a legit group of older players that play combat arms, the younger players are family members, they can run circles around us somedays.

KDR is just a number, we play to have fun, for the challenge, and good times.

We don't really recruit, unless asked, and we feel that you are worthy of our high standards if you can call it that.

We don't tolerate hackers and we do our best to report them appropriately.

We have teamspeak for our clan members and encourage using it, even if we can't talk or call out positions cause we are laughing too much we try our best to coordinate a strategic attack. lol


You can usually find us playing with other like minded gamers out there that respect the game and the clean and fair gaming that we all strive to enjoy and provide.

Our rooms are usually Super Elite Moderated and we never rage kick players.
We will however remove players for excessive and rude language, for very suspicious gameplay (with proof), and of course for not following our rules that we clearly state before, and during game play.


Can I use a spec?
Yes you may use a spec and their med kits even, but their weapons that only a spec can use are not allowed, this includes satelite scanner, airstrike, m32, caltrops, and so on. A spec user knows what weapons they are and if caught disobeying the rules will be captured via screenshot, added to our avoid players list and kicked from the room.

During clan wars we don't kick players when we have the Super Elite activated, it's just not what we do, we will take a major beating in stride and move on to the next clan. Although if a clan member was clearly hacking then they will be removed from the game immediately, but with screenshot and video evidence first.